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FAQ & Tips


What do I do before the shoot?

Relax! Ensure everyone is fed and well rested.  Check out our tips below for more information on how to make the upcoming session a success for you and your family!

Do you edit the files?

Yes, we use lightroom and edit all the raw images, standardizing the color, and changing few to black and white.  The black and white images can always be changed back to color if you would like!

Are digital files included in the shooting fee?

Yes!  We include all edited photos on a USB drive.  Print Release is included, however we also offer professional printing services through

Do you travel?

Yes, willing and love to travel!  Every session is different so let us know where you need us to go!  *Out of State / Out of Country travel will be an expense of the job.

"I take really bad photos, how do you make people loosen up?"

We hear this from time to time.

Don't worry about how you normally take photos; everyone has a good side, and we will find yours!  We try to make every session fun and include music to help you forget how uncomfortable you are in front of the camera!


Can I bring my own props?

Yes! If it brings special meaning to you or your family, we encourage you to bring your own props to help personalize your session.  We also bring related props with us for additional fun!

What forms of payment do you take? Are their deposits?

We use Square for all of our payment options.  We take cash, credit, or check.  All portrait sessions require the payment at time of services.  Weddings and Events require a 50% deposit at time of booking us and the remaining balance at time of service.  Newborn & Watch Me Grow require full deposit at time of booking.

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  • It is up to you where we shoot.  Somewhere special to your family is ideal.  However, we have a few places around town we like to shoot at too, so please ask if you need help picking a location.
  • A place that has at least a little shade is ideal, but if it doesn't that is ok.
  • The best times of the day to shoot are before 10am and after 4pm.  We can shoot between those hours, however note that the light can be more harsh at these times.


  • Wear something comfortable!  Don't force you or your family into the itchy clothing that will make it hard to get a smile on their faces.
  • Some times we may have to walk or hike a bit (depending on your location) so wearing something comfortable or bringing an extra pair of shoes for walking is ideal.
  • We suggest when picking out what everyone will be wearing; always look to "blend don't match".  This just means to wear something that goes together.  Pick a few colors and wear things in that color family.  If you all match it will be hard to create separation between family members.

Young ones?

  • It is almost inevitable that kids will tire out.  Please bring toys, snacks, and for babies - an extra outfit.   We may not, but it is likely that we will need to do a little bribery, so having a favorite toy or snack on hand is a great back-up plan.
  • We also have lens buddies to help with the scare of the big camera.